About Us

Grant Elementary School is one of six K-6 schools in the Petaluma City School District. Located 32 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sonoma County, our town is proud of our heritage as the “Egg Capital of the World,” where in 1875 Petaluma resident Lyman Byce invented the first chicken incubator.

We still value and celebrate our agricultural roots with our annual Butter and Eggs parade. We maintain our close-knit, small town feeling and vibrant community with a newly renovated downtown of work/live spaces, shops, theatres, and restaurants.

Grant parents and volunteers along with other school sites strongly support our schools and have passed parcel taxes to maintain and extend school programs in 2004 and 2007 with voter majorities of over 70%.  And in 2014 a Bond Measure passed to support 21st Century infrastructure and facilities.

Grant Staff

Our dedicated staff takes pride in seeing our students change and grow through their entire elementary experience whether it is: 
  • Matching big buddies with little buddies which develops a strong bond over the years. 
  • Teachers view all students as ours.
  • We use BEST as our all-school behavior system, supported by Caring Schools Community for class meetings and problem solving with Toolbox as a primary support around self-monitoring and working with others.  
As our students grow up and go off to junior high, we are confident that we have done our part to foster the “leaders and stewards of tomorrow.”

Balanced Achievement, Leadership and Stewardship

We are proud of our comprehensive approach to increased student achievement.  At the same time, we value Grant's role in creating and sustaining a caring school community which keeps our students safe, happy, productive, and connected to school.

Children and families arrive at school with smiling faces and greet our principal on the front sidewalk who eagerly awaits their arrival each day. Our school’s BEST (Building Effective Schools Together) approach focuses on positive language that guides student behavior and sets a tone of care and positive expectations.  

We gather every week for our all-school BEST assembly, and we sing out with great spirit our school song, “I am a promise.  I am a possibility.”  Our assemblies are the heart and soul of our school week.  All of our BEST assembly activities are designed to create connections for students and to honor every child as a valued member of our school community.

Grant students are the promise and the possibility for the future!

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