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Grant School Staff

Our teachers are caring professionals who love to work with students to meet their best potential everyday.  We are so fortunate to have a roster of veteran educators who walk the talk of lifelong learning.  Feel free to communicate with staff as needed, but recognize that during school hours, our focus is on students, not email.  Just as it should be.  
Our support staff makes for a fully formed group of professionals to serve the myriad needs of elementary students.  Many of our support staff are part time or itinerant within the district.  Our office can help you know best how to reach these valuable members of the team.

Emily Dunnagan Todd, Principal

Tami Jimenez, Kindergarten

Inez Reed , Kindergarten

Amanda Beavers, 1st grade

Julia Megna, 1st grade

Pamela Cratty, 2nd grade

Kellean Casey, Kindergarten
Julie Elias, 2rd grade


Patti Kowta, 3rd grade

Kim Baumann, 3rd grade

Denise Reyes, 4th grade

Kathryn O'Niell, 5th grade

Chelsea Wilson, 1st grade

Leslie Ihrig, 6th grade

Wendy Funk, 4th grade

Jean Groh & Jen Friesen, 6th grade

Michele Andersen, 6th grade

 Patty Paula, Reading Specialist