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Grant Elementary Flash Mob

posted Jul 7, 2010, 8:58 AM by Catina Haugen   [ updated Jul 14, 2010, 8:48 PM ]

Grant Elementary is sponsoring a flash mob.  (Ask your children about the Thriller, Macarena or Chicken Dance Flash Mob the last week of school!)


Who:     All Grant Families - Adults, Children and Visiting Relatives!

Where: Theater District on 2nd Street between B & D Streets (Graffitti

Media Contacts

Leslie Ihrig, Teacher
lihrig (at)

Catina Haugen, Teacher
chaugen (at)
to the Firehouse)

When:   Wednesday Night Market, July 14, 6:00pm (use your cell phones to sync the time)

What To Do:

  1. Bring a book for every member of the family (Tuck it under your arm, in your shopping bag or just carry it.)
  2. At 6:00pm sharp, take your book out and read (silently) or out loud to your non-reader child for 2 minutes. (Really read the book!  It will help you concentrate.)

    Summer Reading for Everyone

    Check out the list of Summer Reading programs...
  3. At 6:02pm, close your book, put it away and go about your business -- try and do it with a straight face or maybe a little smile ;-) is a performance after all.

How to Prepare:

  1. Tell all Grant Elementary families that you know to go to the school websites to get the particulars (or forward this email): 
    1. Grant Wiki:
    2. Grant Elementary School:
  2. View “Frozen Grand Central” video as a family so you all get the idea of what a flash mob is about.
  3. Print out and color a book cover or make your own with the words “Grant Elementary Promotes Summer Reading”.
  4. Spread out throughout the market, it should look like a bunch of different people doing the same thing rather than a “book choir” performance.
  5. Remind children that this is a “performance” and that while giggling is inevitable, they are “on stage” during the 2 minutes.
  6. If asked, provide a short answer about its purpose (Summer Reading! see below...)
  7. If the media asks (Argus Courier, Press Democrat, local or national news reporter, etc), forward person to the school website for the contact information (


What to Say If Asked at the Market:

“Grant Elementary believes in reading.  This flash mob is a way to bring awareness to the importance of summer reading for all children, no matter where they go to school.  If you want more information please see our website:”


Have Fun!