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Grant Reads More than 150 Million Words!

posted May 26, 2011, 5:23 PM by Catina Haugen
On May 26, the second to last day of school, Grant Elementary students reached a school-wide reading goal of 150 Million words, a goal students set at the beginning of the school year.

For the past two years, Grant has set a school year goal for the number of words read by all students. The first year, the goal was set at 100 Million and exceeded by 40 Million. This last school year, Grant set a very ambitious goal of 150 Million words read.

"We are very proud of our student community. It took each and every student reading to attain this goal," stated Dr. Judith Martin, Grant Elementary principal.

With more than 21 million words to go at the beginning of May, "It was a little nerve racking watching the numbers inch slowly towards the goal," exclaimed Alice Crysdale, the school librarian. "Our students just kept reading."

To keep students reading over the summer, Grant offers a summer reading program using Accelerated Reader. While no official summer goal is set, students who read and take quizzes over the summer are recognized for their efforts at the beginning of the school year. Last summer, students read 16 Million words. Can they do it again?
About Accelerated Reader:
Grant Elementary uses Renaissance Place's Accelerated Reading program to help students log their books and keep track of the number of words. Students quiz on the book to receive credit for reading the book and add the words to the school goal. Accelerated Reader makes it easy to track the goal with a web tool posted on the school technology website for all students to view. Students can also view a progress thermometer in the library and are encouraged regularly at school "BEST" assemblies with Kindergarteners unveiling the current numbers for all students to see.