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PTA Newsletter

Share With the Kids: 
Conversation Starter: What makes someone a good friend?
Would you Rather: Speak every language in the world or play every instrument?
Trivia: True of False, Light waves travel faster than sound waves?

What's Happening at Grant:

stranger-danger 3
Suspicious Person Approaches Grant Student 
On Friday, 2/16 at about 5pm, a Grant 5th Grade girl on campus told police about a man offering candy in an apparent attempt to lure her into a vehicle.  The girl ran to safety and the suspect got into a car and drove away.  The suspect was described as being a white male in his mid 40s to early 50s with a heavy build, about 5'10 with a dark beard and tattoos on his legs.  A vehicle was described as an older light blue sedan with dents and faded paint. Petaluma Police Sergeant Lance Novello says a car like the one described by the student was parked at the school.  Its owner was contacted and ruled out a suspect.  Sergeant Novello says the man described had a full sleeve of tattoos on his legs, which this person did not.  There are no suspects in custody and the investigation is ongoing.  Please be aware that Grant does not provide supervision after school hours (unless students are enrolled in a specific program) so please ensure that your children have adult supervision. The Grant Principals will communicate updates as they become available. 

Conference Schedule Coming Up: 
*Wednesday schedule due to teacher conferences: February 26th-March 2nd.
  For Kindergartners that means an 11:40pm pickup, for grades 1-6, a 12:45pm pickup.

lucky strike
Lucky Strike, Shamrock Boys Bowling 2/25
Last Call - Please RSVP by turnng in form/payment to the PTA basket in the office by Wednesday 2/21We'll be giving our final count to the Bowling Alley for Lucky Strike Shamrock Boys Bowling that day.  The event is on February 25th from 3-5pm and includes games/shoe rental, contests, popcorn, lemonade, a yummy dessert bar and a goodie bag.  Grant boys are invited to bring the grown up of their choice.  Cost: $30 per couple (boy/grown up) and $10 per additional child.   For questions contact: kimmccallister@gmail.com
Lucky Ladies Shamrock Dance, 3/3
Last Call: Please RSVP by turning form/payment into the PTA basket in the office by Wednesday, 2/21.  Grant Girls are cordially invited to bring the grown-up of their choice to a very special dance at the Cavanaugh Center on Saturday, March 3rd from 6:30-8:30pm. Cost: $30 per couple (girl/grown up) and $10 per each additional child. Questions?  kimmccallister@gmail.com


The Grant Gatsby Gala Auction, 3/10
*Got Wine?  We need it for the Grant Gala Auction!  Please bring any bottles you'd like to donate to the Grant office.  Donation forms and ticket forms can be found at the bottom page at this link: www.grantelementary.org/home/pta/fundraising  

*It takes a lot of volunteers to make this event happen.  Please consider joining us.  Needs are listed on this Sign Up Genius.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/904084aacab28a64-calling 

Questions: Dori at donationsforgrant@gmail.com or (707) 479-8416.

Say Cheese!  Spring Portraits, 3/15
Thursday, March 15th, Steven Yeager Studio returns to Grant School to take beautiful Spring Portraits. Watch for posters at school and fliers in early March. Only students who turn in order forms by March 15th will be photographed.  It's a great chance for new students who missed Fall pictures to be photographed for the yearbook.  *The Sixth Grade Group photo will also be taken on 3/15! 



PTA Association Meeting & Board Elections 3/15
Come to the meeting on March 15th at 6pm on campus and let your voice be heard!  We'd love to have more parents involved in discussions about how to make Grant the best it can be for our kids. 

*Think ahead to Spring Break!  Taking a trip to Legoland or the California Academy of Arts & Sciences.  Join PTA for $15 and get these major discounts and perks: http://capta.org/join/member-perks/

yearbook image
Grant Yearbook - With 2 Free Custom Pages! 
This year's Grant Yearbook includes 2 FREE custom pages. It's quick and easy to add photos and memories. Here's how:
  • To Purchase and Customize your Yearbook visit www.TreeRing.com/validate   *must be a parent or student 13 years or older.
  • Enter our school’s passcode: 1015022997383930
  • Register and begin decorating and designing your child’s custom pages.
  • Add photos from your computer, Facebook & Flickr.
  • Share them with your classmates to include in their personal pages.

Grant Adopt a Book Month 
Mrs. Crysdale would like to give a great big thank you to all the families that have already participated in Adopt-a-Book by either purchasing a book via Amazon or sending in a check for her to purchase a book for the library.  Adopt-a-Book continues throughout the month of February, so there's still time!  

Lost and Found Mound to be Donated
The Lost and Found area continues to grow with lunch boxes, water bottles, nice coats and sweatshirts all waiting to be claimed.  Lost & Found is located to the right of the multi during school hours. Please come get your child's things as all unclaimed items will be donated the Friday before spring break.

A message from the Principal - Grant is NOT a dog park

School officials are asking members of the community not to bring dogs onto the Grant Playground or campus.  Dogs are not welcome, unless cleared by office staff, and that includes the track and field area. Dog feces is a real problem during the school day as people walking dogs during off hours are not cleaning up after their animals and even when they do, residue is left behind and gets on children.  It's causing problems for students and teachers. Please find another place to excercise your dogs.  Thank you! 

In the Thank You Column:
  • To Maryann Pacheco for the fancy looking invitations to the bowling & dance events, thank you so much! 
  • A big thank you to Principal Ron Everett for his work with the Grant PTA
  • Thank you to Kimberly Murillo, Jenn Rizzo and Trish Hernandez for all your work overseeing the kids in the play.  It's so appreciated.  
At A Glance
February 22                           Priority Kindergarten Registration Ends
February 23                           Adopt-a-Book ends
February 25                           Lucky Strike - Shamrock Boys Bowling 3-5pm
February 26-March 2              Conference Week - Wednesday Schedule
February 26-March 2              Read Across America

March 1                                Dr. Suess' Birthday Party
March 3                                Lucky Ladies Shamrock Dance 6:30-8:30pm   
March 10                              Grant Gatsby Gala Auction
March 15                              Spring Pictures/6th Grade Photo Day
March 15                              PTA Association Meeting 6pm in the Multi/Library
March 19-23                         Spring Break  
March 29                              Ice Cream Social
Answer: True!  The speed of sound through air is about 340 meters per second. It's faster through water and it's even faster through steel.  Light will travel through a vacuum at 300 million meters per second. For more interesting details:  https://morgridge.org/blue-sky/why-is-light-faster-than-sound/