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PTA Newsletter

*School will be back in session Tuesday, 10/17

If you would like to send your student to school with a mask, make sure to write their name on it.
Since there is no HVAC until the filters are changed out, please dress your student in layers.
Please label all jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts with First & Last names. 
*If anyone is connected to a student displaced by fires, whether or not they will be attending Grant, there are new filled backpacks in the office for kids in need.


Update on Grant Staff Affected by Fires: 

Many of us have been concerned about several of our Grant teachers and our Principal who live close to the areas where the fires burned.  Thankfully, they are all physically okay, though some have suffered some stressfull evacuation situations and some losses.  They might not be up for sharing their stories repeatedly, but when you see them at school, please take the time to reach out with love.  We are so grateful they are all okay and so lucky they are ready to come back to Grant and be there for our children.  We have formed a Facebook Page to help the Grant Community rally in support the victims of the fire and as a place to lean on each other.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/136800496963386/

From Mrs. Casey: 
Thank you to all who expressed concern for my family in Santa Rosa. We are safe and healthy. My Santa Rosa neighborhood families are so grateful to Petaluma for all the help and support you have given to the displaced families. Thank you for all that you do Grant School!!
Kellean Casey

From Mrs. O'Neill
My family and our home are all fine. We did experience an evacuation.  My whole family was together which was a blessing. Thank you all.
Mrs. O'Niell

From Mrs Todd & Ms. Megna
Thank you to all who emailed and reached out about my family in Santa Rosa.  My family and I were evacuated Monday morning at 3am. We were allowed home Friday evening.  We feel so grateful to have a home still.

Ms. Megna’s family retreat and property in the Calistoga area burned in the Tubbs fire. Her family and neighbors are all safe. She is feeling thankful for nature’s ability to revive and with the support of friends, she’s hopeful for new beginnings.
Mrs. Todd

Share with the kids:  
Conversation Starters: Are people talking about the fire at school?  Do you have any questions about anything that's happened?

What's Happening at Grant: 


PTA Association Meeting 10/19

Come to the PTA meeting in the multi on Thursday, October 19th.  In addition to our normal business, we'll be talking about the wildfires, working to process the impact on our community and how we can best support families affected.  We'd love to include you in the conversation. 

Grant Jog-a-thon Rescheduled to Friday 11/3
As we resume our traditions and routines at Grant, please note that the Jogathon has been moved to Friday 11/3.  



Grant's Got Talent - Rescheduled to Friday 11/3 at 6pm
Some of our talent show parents were concerned that performers didn't have enough time to practice, so the show is being moved to Friday, 11/3.  Our 3rd practice will be held this Thursday, October 19th from after school to about 4pm.  It will be for the MCs, Magicians, Slime Making Demonstration, Dramatic Reading and Tae Kwon Do Demo crew.  Any other performer who feels like they'd like some extra practice may also attend. Watch for new details about the Dress Rehearsal and Show in the coming days as we regroup and reorganize. 

Octoberfest & Westridge Bites Canceled
The organizers of the popular Octoberfest and Westridge Bites sign-up parties are regrouping after the events were canceled.  Details to come...

halloween_parade 2

Grant Halloween Parade, 10/31
We are inching closer to Halloween and that's one thing that is not canceled!  It's almost time for the beloved Grant Halloween Parade.  The kids will start marching between 12:35 and 12:45pm.  The parade usually takes about 20 minutes or so and parents will often line the route to snap photos and cheer on our little ghosts and goblins.  Here's a map of the route.

parade route 


Get Your Grant YearBook with October Savings! 
One thing we know - this year will go down in history.  While there are some things we'd like to forget, there will also be many good things for our children to remember and that's something to hold on to.  Our Yearbook savings continue during the month of October.  Order this month and save 10%.  Get your discount by visiting www.treering.com/validate and enter discount code: 1015022997383930.  Remember to take advantage of your 2 free customizable pages using your own personal pictures and designs.  
Logomakr_3SLfJb 2
Want to know more about what's happening at Grant?  
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In the Thank You Column: 
  • Thank you to our Grant families who mobilized in all different kinds of ways to help evacuees and victims of the fires, from volunteering at shelters, to putting together backpacks for kids who've lost everything to the moms and dads who are law enforcement officers and took extra shifts in the direct path of danger  -  we appreciate you. 
  • To everyone with a first responder in their family - please know how appreciated they are. 
  • To our local businesses who opened their doors to help the evacuees and those of us with stir crazy kids, thank you so much.  Many of us will not forget and we'll be back. 
  • and to our Grant staff who have spent this last week emailing parents, wiping down classrooms and preparing to keep our children occupied, learning and out of the smoke - we are so grateful. 

At a Glance 
October 19                             Talent Show Practice #3
October 19                             PTA Association Meeting 
October 31                             Grant Halloween Parade (12:35pm

November 2                           Talent Show Dress Rehearsal
November 3                           Jogathon 
November 3                           Talent Show - 6pm in the multi
November 3                           End of 1st Trimester
November 3                           Principal Todd goes on maternity leave
November 5                           Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 6th-17th                 Parent-Teacher Conferences - Wednesday Schedule
November 10                          Veteran's Day - No School
November 20th-24th                Fall Break  - No School
November 23                          Thanksgiving
November 27th-Dec 1st            Book Fair and Grant Wear Sale