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These programs can bring in significant dollars to Grant, but only if everyone participates. Even if you were enrolled last year, you need to renew now to continue earning for Grant. DON’T WAIT — ACT TODAY!

7 Easy Ways to Earn $$$ for Grant — at NO Cost to You!

1. Sign up / Renew for the Ralph’s Community Contribution Program

  • If you have a Ralph’s Rewards Card, go to
  • Under “Services” select “Community Contribution”
  • Click on “enroll” and sign in or create a new account.
  • Each time you use your Ralphs card, Ralphs donates money to Grant!

2. Register / Renew your credit /debit cards at eScrip and shop online

  • Create an account at
    (ID # xxxxxxxxxx).
  • Participating merchants will donate a percentage of your purchases to our school.
  • When shopping online, go to the eScrip mall first. When you use the merchant links on the eScrip website, you can earn money for Grant with every online purchase. Merchants include Amazon, Ebay, and more! (If you were enrolled last year, you need to renew now to continue earning for our school).


3. Sign up / Renew for the Vons/Pavilions eScrip program

  • Once you are registered with eScrip, you can also enroll your Vons/Pavilions cards.
  • It’s that easy…you will start earning money for Grant every time you shop for groceries.

4. Register your Target REDcard for Take Charge of EducationTarget

  • Under “Find a School”, enter Grant ID # 3576 and select Grant Elementary School
  • Enter your REDcard information
  • You may also register your REDcard at an in-store kiosk or by calling 800-316-6142

5. Clip and save Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education
  • Simply clip the Box Top logo stamp from many products that you use every day
  • Put Box Tops in the collection box located in the school office
  • Each Box Top is worth 10 cents for our school!
  • For a complete list of all the products that have box tops, go to


6. Recycle used printer cartridges and cell phones

  • Deposit used printer cartridges in the box 
  • located in the multi purpose room (all brands and sizes).
  • Grant receives money for each cartridge recycled! Go Green!!

7. Shop at Amazon through the Amazon links on the Grant PTA website

  • Amazon will donate 4-15% to Grant for every purchase you make if you enter Amazon through one of the Amazon links on the Grant PTA website. And best of all,  Amazon’s great deals are still available to you….  Nothing changes from the normal great Amazon experience, except that Grant gets a portion of the revenue.
  • Remember to always go to the Grant PTA website and click on the Amazon link BEFORE you make your Amazon purchases. Share the link with friends and family so they can participate, too! This is such easy money. Don’t throw it away!

    Have questions / need help?

    Contact Carrie Davies at or 310-450-1210